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Lil Jon Visits Tennessee Volunteers, Gets Students out of Homework

Lil Jon is the gift that continues to give for the University of Tennessee.

The rapper has provided the football team with its "Third Down For What" third-down anthem and starred in a pump-up video for its game against Florida. Lil Jon is Tennessee's muse, and the program has happily adopted him as its own.

Now, in his latest coup for Volunteers students, Jon is saving them from homework and dapping up coaches on the practice field.

For The Win's Nick Schwartz spotted pictures of Lil Jon's weekend trip to campus. The rapper uploaded some images of his visit to Instagram.

He had a lot of fun hanging at Vols practice with Tennessee head coach Butch Jones.

He took a stroll about the team's facilities.

And most importantly, he saved kids from doing some of that pesky homework they paid thousands of dollars to be assigned.

It should be noted that all of Lil Jon's Instagram captions are in all-caps. His summary for this one is "YOURE WELCOME KIDS."

According to the Times Free Press' Patrick Brown, Vols linebacker A.J. Johnson told reporters that Lil Jon called Jones "a cool cat."

Tennessee hosts the 5-5 Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday. I hope Lil Jon is there. I hope he screams "Ken-tuck for what?!" on a microphone before the game. What I'm trying to say is Lil Jon is a national treasure.


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