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Movie review: ‘Pets’ have a lot of secrets in this enjoyable kids film

A movie about what pets do during the day is a winning premise. Of course we want to know what those adorable creatures with whom we share our lives are up to, and so “The Secret Life of Pets” is here to explore those possibilities. Turns out their days are much more dramatic and crazier than ours, with all sorts of underworld pet societies and warring animal factions. There’s apparently a lot to keep secret in the lives of these pets.

Movie review: DeGeneres delights in ‘Finding Dory’

Unforgettable. That’s how fans felt about Disney’s 2003 hit “Finding Nemo,” and about the film’s breakout supporting character, the infectiously energetic and forgetful blue tang Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. So unforgettable that anticipation is at a fever pitch for the sequel 13 years in the making, “Finding Dory.” It’s safe to say that fans will be delighted to be reunited with these characters in this charming and heartwarming voyage under (and above) the sea.

Movie review: ‘Conjuring 2’ is a masterful ghost story

Entering the canon of sequels that are better than the original, “The Conjuring 2” exceeds the scope and scares of the surprise ’70s-era horror hit from 2013. “The Conjuring,” starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, reminded audiences of the power of a good ghost story and proved director James Wan to be a legitimate master of horror. The trio have returned to spook the pants off audiences again, and the sequel is a perfectly executed retro haunting flick that dives deep below the surface to explore themes of vision, belief and faith in what lies beyond the human realm.

Movie review: ‘Warcraft’ won’t win any awards, but it isn’t all bad

The skepticism has been whirling around “Warcraft” since the first trailer dropped for the epic fantasy adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s massive multi-player online role playing game, directed by visionary sci-fi auteur Duncan Jones. Orcs… with feelings? And pierced tusks? No good can come of this. Critics have been gleefully sharpening their knives and have wasted no time in eviscerating the blockbuster franchise-launching hopeful. With that context, this may come as a surprise, but “Warcraft” isn’t all that bad.

Ocean Shores has a parade for Flag Day

Summer always starts with a patriotic parade in Ocean Shores, where the annual Flag Day Parade has grown into the largest such event in Western Washington, with more than 75 entries, including dignitaries such as Lt. Gov. Brad Owen and the newly crowned Miss Washington.