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Federal regulations: America’s hidden tax

Last year, Americans paid nearly $1.4 trillion in federal individual income taxes _ plus sales taxes, fuel taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, you name it. Yet, there’s another tax that doesn’t show up on any receipt: the cost of federal regulation.

12-person council

This is in response to The Daily World’s questions and answers about issues to candidates for Hoquiam City Council positions. In the newspaper dated Oct. 7, 2015, Paul McMillan was asked if he favors a 12-person council. He responded that he does favor a 12-member council. He went on to say that the council did discuss a 7-member council in the past but when two public meetings were held only one person attended and both citizens didn’t have an opinion one way or the other. He said they found it to be a non-issue.

Building community

I will vote yes for the Elma Stadium because I am a parent and community member who believes it is what’s best for our community. A stadium will help bookend our community with a hospital on the east end and a stadium on the west end.

Dick Polman — House of Clowns

It’s well known that Kevin Spacey shadowed Kevin McCarthy before shooting “House of Cards.” But if you’re looking for cheap intrigue and craven dysfunction, skip Netflix and binge-watch the real thing: House of Clowns.

Jay Ambrose — The answer to shooting deaths? It’s not gun control

It loosened them up some last year, but Russia has had strict gun laws for decades and currently boasts as few as 13 million civilian-owned firearms. That compares to something like 300 million in the United States. With attention on gun slayings high again after another mass shooting, should we consider restrictions as tough as the Russian sort?

Just vote

Ocean Shores is at the last of its borrowing power due to the re-financing of the Convention Center. This puts us back in financial trouble again.

Friday night memories in Elma

I’m writing to ardently support the campaign for construction of a new stadium in Elma. While I haven’t received my mail in Grays Harbor County for many years, I carry a deep sense of pride and connection to Elma as my home. Much of that pride comes from the powerful experiences I had playing in front of passionate fans at Davis Field.

HAVA needs help

The Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals (HAVA) has had an amazing few years. Last year we helped more than 400 animals (and people) in Pacific and Grays Harbor counties — a record. We also spent more than we ever have — more than $104,000, mostly on veterinarian expenses.

The Cornells

A big thank you to Beverly and Joe Cornell, Making a Difference for Grays Harbor Kids. Your generous donations of pencils, crayons, glue sticks and notebooks for our Stevens kids is so appreciated!

Political correctness

A refreshing movement is sweeping our country. The political insiders, political strategists, elected and former elected representatives are being soundly rejected. Both political parties are being rejected by the majority of citizens. It’s refreshing to see new “non-politically correct” people moving to the top of the polls.

Samuel supporter

After a great deal of consideration I have changed out the election sign in my yard from what I allowed to be placed there four years ago. I am following up that decision by writing this letter of support for Montesano Mayoral Candidate Vini Samuel.