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George Will — A counter for hysterics in Michigan

Robert Griffin, now 90, who rose to be second in the Republican U.S. Senate leadership, was defeated in 1978. Since then, only one Michigan Republican, Spencer Abraham in 1994, has been elected to the Senate and for only one term. Evidence that former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land might end this GOP drought is that Democrats are attacking her for opposing “preventive health care.”

Grassroots effort

McCleary is fortunate to have access to the VFW hall for its community events. Regrettably over the years, the post has lost many of its members. Presently a new group of veterans is trying to restore the building and need the community’s help.

Amazing community

I didn’t lose everything from the water damage at Emerson Manor but being displaced showed me some amazing things. I was able to see the community act so quickly to come to our aid — all of the agencies and people from all over who so generously gave of their funds and time and reached out with compassion. It made a real difference. I discovered renewed hope and faith in a world that seemed uncaring. There is good in this world.

Relay event a success

We would like to thank all those who attended and contributed to our recent fundraiser. Along with donations from team members, we received gift certificates, baskets, merchandise and desserts for the auction, plus ingredients for the chili and potato bar. Also we received some monetary donations from local businesses and individuals.

Doing something about ocean acidification

A 2010 Yale University poll found that 1 percent of Americans knew a lot about ocean acidification (OA), 6 percent knew something and the rest of us knew little or nothing at all. Had that poll focused exclusively on Washingtonians, I believe we would have scored much higher. We were the first state to understand that it was the arrival of acidic, or low-pH, seawater along our coast that devastated our shellfish industry starting in 2005. We were the first state to take action against OA. And importantly, this threat to our state’s economy, culture and way of life has generated strong reporting and statewide media coverage.

Recreational weed and medicinal weed are apples and oranges

This is astounding! Let’s take a closer look at what is now called “recreational” marijuana. It is more than interesting and infuriating, raising questions of an ethical and hypocritical nature. Not so long ago the “powers that be” were spreading the word to all, across the land, including our youth … that marijuana was a “gateway drug.” Meaning — you beware! If you try this, you will naturally graduate to the harder drugs: heroin, cocaine, speed, meth. etc. Also, if you smoke marijuana, it just might deform your future children. Make you go crazy. Apparently all that information on the harmful effects of marijuana has gone away and all is good to “recreate,” now. Because our state passed I-502.

U.S. taking the wrong path with Russians

When the Ukraine/Crimea situation erupted, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry hypocritically became interested in international law. To the Russians, this collective jaw flapping about international law was disingenuous given that every day, Obama violates international law by infringing upon national sovereignties with deadly drones and secret forays by U.S. military. Moreover, the executive branch’s war on Libya was neither constitutionally declared or authorized by Congress.

George Will — Jeb Bush’s challenge

The human kindling that makes up the flammable Republican base may soon burst into flames, again. Portions of that excitable cohort are looking — some with fawn-like eyes filled with hurt, others with sparks shooting from eyes narrowed like gun slits — askance at other Republicans urging Jeb Bush to seek the 2016 presidential nomination.

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Wake up!

If, in the bigger picture here on Earth, we are faced with economic collapse based on oil dependency and water shortage, maybe the Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and others of the 1 percent could start using their funds to encourage food production on a local level, start converting saltwater to drinking water and energizing our lives with wind and sun power. Oil, coal and nuclear are polluters.

Missing in action: The Fourth Estate

The ship of state is floundering in troubled waters and you and I are on board. Congress doesn’t bat an eye at sending 4,400 young Americans to their death, killing 500,000 Iraqis and spending two trillion dollars on an illegal invasion of Iraq. The lapel pin patriots, with their American flag pins fixed to their suit lapels will look straight into the camera and tell you we need to cut (name your social program) to trim the deficit and right the ship.

E.J. Dionne — Who cares about the value of work?

Finding a way out of our current political impasse requires some agreement on what problems we need to solve. If anything should unite left, center and right, it is the value of work and the idea, in Bill Clinton’s signature phrase, that those who “work hard and play by the rules” ought to be rewarded for their efforts.

Thank you, socialism

Obamacare, AKA the Affordable Care Act (ACA), is supposed to be the saving grace for all of America. States like Washington that opt into the exchanges of the ACA get five years of federal funds before the money goes away and the states are left to flounder until they surrender sovereignty to the federal government.

New pastor at United Christian Church

A retirement dinner was held at the United Christian Church for Pastor John A. Fischer and his wife, Sue, recently. John completed 14 years of service at United Christian which is longer than any minister we have had. John and Sue will be doing more traveling in their retirement.