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The NRA’s America

Even before the horrific attack in Orlando earlier this month, life in 21st century America had become intolerably, pervasively fearful. Our mad proliferation of guns, and the obscene loopholes that allow dangerous people to access them freely, are the most consistent engines of terror in our society today.

A killer for God

Here is the plain and dangerous truth facing the cosmopolitan world: In the opinion of many millions of Jews and Christians and Muslims, the Abrahamic God of the desert is a homophobe.

Gina Barreca: I’m not giving students ‘trigger warnings’

The day I’m forced to offer “trigger warnings” before teaching is the day I stop teaching. To insist that I, or any other teacher, warn students that the material in a class might upset them defeats the purpose of education. Colleges and universities must remain institutions that inflame curiosity and, by their very existence, disturb those who enter their gates.

Keeping Quinault language alive

Someone once asked me why the Quinault Indian Nation and other tribes across the country are intent on restoring and maintaining their culture rather than just assimilating entirely into the white culture. The same person wondered why is it important for us to dress in Native regalia and conduct tribal ceremonies. Why struggle to maintain our lifestyle as fishers, hunters and gatherers? Why build longhouses and canoes and participate in canoe journeys? Why take a strong interest in restoring our Native language? Why not just let our culture die and concentrate exclusively on adopting the ways of the dominant society?

Our ‘none of the above’ election

If prior elections were decided by soccer moms, security moms, NASCAR dads, or even “the economy, stupid,” the 2016 presidential election will be determined by the NAs — the none of the above voters who have so far refused to support either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. For them, the election isn’t about mere dissatisfaction. It’s about rejection.