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Jay Ambrose — Let’s hear it for DDT

Warrior greenies, get out of the way. You’ve done enormous hurt in this world, you appear prepared to keep it up and it’s time to allow people their health, their lives and a chance to fight back more effectively against mosquitoes that have been having at us from ancient times to right this minute.

Commentary — Ruling out senility on the bench

In a law review article I wrote 15 years ago about cognitive decline on the U.S. Supreme Court, I predicted that, in the coming years, no one would take action to mitigate the problem. Instead, another half a dozen mentally decrepit justices would join “the roster of jurists who harmed their court and hurt their own reputations by remaining on the bench too long.”

Doyle McManus — Donald Trump’s women problem

Improbably but relentlessly, Donald Trump is marching toward the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Polls suggest that he may pull off a surprise win in the Iowa caucuses on Monday. He’s an even stronger frontrunner in New Hampshire and other primary states. And last week, he showed that it’s possible to win a debate by not showing up.

The ‘hothouse’ economy

This year is starting off with the worst performance of stocks in decades. It has many analysts wondering exactly what’s driving it and, more importantly, whether there’s an end in sight.

Jay Ambrose — GOP dropouts needed

If you look at America and what it needs and doesn’t need in its next president and you see Donald Trump standing there, suggest his deportation. If you see Ted Cruz, convince him his Texas values should be honored by never leaving the state. And Bernie Sanders? Give him a ticket to Venezuela so he can discover what socialism really does to a society.

Are the Oregon occupiers ‘terrorists’?

After an armed group drew attention to an Oregon land-use dispute by seizing a building in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge onSaturday, the government’s reaction seemed almost low-key. The White House called the protest “a local law enforcement matter” andsaid the Federal Bureau of Investigation was merely “monitoring the situation and offering support.” Although the police haven’trevealed much about their plans, it looks as though they’re willing to wait out the occupiers rather than charge in with guns blazing.

Jay Ambrose — Media mistakes that need correcting

Get over your horse-race obsession, mass media, and focus more on policy proposals, character and competence in covering the presidential campaigns. Don’t call it fact-checking when you’re writing opinions. If you’re asking questions at a debate, don’t assume it’s the same thing as a one-on-one interview. Aim for objectivity, eschew bias and don’t suppose your own views always equal the truth.

Jay Ambrose — Much needs fixing in 2016

It’s scarcely all bad, of course. Look inside America and you see plenty of good, but there is another side of us, the disintegrating side. In frightening developments, continued dismaying conditions and new revelations, much of what we saw in 2015 leaves plenty to work on in 2016.