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Education bill abandons rural schools

Decisions on school finance in the next legislative session could dramatically hurt Grays Harbor schools. The leading proposal provides more state salary allocations to urban areas than rural schools and allows urban schools far greater levy resources.

Larson supporters

Like many people in Aberdeen who think it is time for a change, We’re voting for Erik Larson to be our next mayor. Erik was born and raised in our city, left town for a college education at WSU and returned here to make it his home. Erik is an engineer for a local company and has been very deeply involved in the community, attending council meetings and volunteering around the community. Erik is very smart on the issues that affect us, has new common sense ideas to bring jobs back to town and most importantly, works respectfully with others and listens.

Chilman for Monte school board

I would like to bring to your attention the race for Montesano School District 66 Director District 3. I recommend your vote for Crystal Chilman. This is a nonpartisan office, so it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican.

Overton in Ocean Shores

Dan Overton is an excellent city councilman for Ocean Shores and we support his candidacy. He takes the time to read through the information that is needed to make good decisions for our citizens. He has an excellent understanding of our city’s finances and looks to solutions for our fiscal challenges. He comes to the council table ready to discuss the important issues before us.

Stadium supporter

I am writing this letter because I have raised five children in the Elma School District, who in turn have given me 14 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. I was a elementary school teacher for 20 years in the Elma School District.

Everything involves risk

A few months ago a letter by John Heple laid out a pretty good blueprint to better the Harbor economy. Part of that was for us to improve some of the means for attracting a few more tourists to consider Aberdeen-Hoquiam as a place to pause while heading to the beach area. The change in traffic patterns is an attempt to do that.

Gordon for council

Election time is upon us and I would be remiss in my civic duty if I did not endorse Patricia Gordon a/k/a Pat “the cookie lady” and Pat “the pizza lady” Gordon as city council member for Aberdeen’s 6th ward.

Supporting Bearden

We are longtime business owners on the South Beach and have owned restaurants in Westport for years. We have had the privilege of getting to know Rob Bearden through our business, Odysseus Greek Restaurant. Rob has made sure to convey that my business is welcome and will often send business my way. Rob is dedicated to this area and understands the issues that our businesses and families face.


You should have or will soon receive your voters’ pamphlet for 2015. I’m pleased to see Initiative 1366. Great, finally a measure that will limit the growth of government and their intrusion into our lives. I have received calls from the governor’s office whining about Initiative 1366, stating it will destroy their ability to help us … great! We should all know by now, government could be given all the money we have and they would still need more. Governments’ problem is they can’t manage a two-car funeral. much less a bloated dysfunctional bureaucracy.