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Not Simpson

Based on the responses in the recent Daily World article (Candidates Tackle Aberdeen’s Business Climate, June 25) it’s abundantly clear Bill Simpson is not the person to lead Aberdeen.

Support appreciated

The family of Mary Jo Bohren would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for the support during the passing of our Mom. We really appreciated all of the cards, flowers, phone calls, visits and the donations made in Mom’s name. We would like to thank the Satsop United Methodist Church for the wonderful celebration of life and K Bramstedt for speaking and for visiting Mom in the hospital. Also a special thank you to Tiffany Kelly for the programs and helping prepare and show the slide presentation.

One man’s plan

Daily I hear the citizens of Grays Harbor, and especially of Aberdeen, whine, cry and wring their hands about how bad the economy is, no jobs for them or their children, no money to run the city/county, and on and on. And then I read The Daily World (no I don’t do on-line) and wonder why? You are getting exactly what you ask for, vote for, and/or allow to happen due to your apathy.

Why not own up to a mistake?

I have been wondering lately what the ramifications would be if the City of Hoquiam just issued a press release saying that, in granting the permission to site the oil storage facilities in Hoquiam, it made an error in judgment.

An issue with Walsh

Jim Walsh’s June 25 guest opinion column in The Daily World is very good. However, Mr. Walsh fails to include himself in his list of Saul Alinsky’s followers — he has learned from Mr. Alinsky as well.

Teens warn against drinking and driving

I am part of the Wishkah Valley cheerleading team. One of our squad’s objectives for this year has been to bring more awareness to the dangers of teenage drinking and driving. We feel this is too important not to address. We have been raising awareness for the last few years and feel it has really benefited our school and students. We have painted banners, made fliers, designed a memory board at our school of those who have been affected by drunk driving and made a commitment poster for students to sign.

Supporting Micheau

I have multiple concerns about the City of Aberdeen. We have a serious drug problem! A needle exchange program with over 650,000 a year — we have a problem. Those are the ones exchanged not the ones left in the parks, school grounds and streets. The Thunderbird Hotel is another example of the problems we have here in Aberdeen related to drugs. The drug problem brings with it other side effects, such as robbery, theft and prostitution. I hope the citizens of this community are committed to solving our problems. We can only increase our chances of success if we take this election season seriously.

Tobacco prevention

Our kids are being made vulnerable to the tobacco industry’s tactics by our state legislators. By failing to allocate just a fraction of the money recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to protect our children from a lifetime of addiction, a new generation of 12-year-olds is being targeted by the tobacco industry.

Aberdeen in bloom

These days, as you drive through downtown Aberdeen, you will notice the beautiful hanging baskets and colorful flowers in sidewalk planters adorning Wishkah and Heron streets. We like to say, “Things are blooming in Aberdeen!” But we know these eye-catching spots of blooming color would not be possible without a lot of effort by many community members and groups, businesses and the City of Aberdeen crews.

Not-so-social media

April 1 reflections: So, did you see the cartoon where St. Peter’s looking at a couple of newbies wiggling their thumbs and says, “Most of the new arrivals seem incapable of conversation. They just stare at their hands in despair.”

Raymond Theater appreciated

On behalf of the citizens of South Bend, I would like to say thank you Raymond Theatre for hanging on as a building through good times and bad from your first performance of the silent movie “The Jazz Singer” in 1928 to this year’s performance by the anything but silent Gypsy Jazz group Pearl Django.