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Grays Harbor Birds — Fox Sparrow

There are four main populations of Fox Sparrow in North America; ours is known as the “Sooty” or Pacific Fox Sparrow, and is definitely a winter resident. I know I have said this before for many other birds, but this too is one of my local favorites. Their chicken-like scratching around the undergrowth along the edges of my yard is amusing to watch, as are their skirmishes with others of both their own species, and other bird species that share the space. This photo was taken by Doug Schurman, and demonstrates their beautiful Pacific Northwest coloring.

Fish & Wildlife Weekender for November

There’s more than one way to put a turkey on your table for Thanksgiving. Rather than head to the grocery store, thousands of hunters plan to get their birds during the hunting season for wild turkey that gets under way Nov. 20 in eastern Washington.