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New north peninsula sportfishing advocacy group created

If the Northwest Olympic Peninsula Sportfishing Coalition were a fish, it would be but a wee little smolt. Founded in late February, the NOPSC had its first public meeting on March 7 at the Forks High School auditorium. The meeting was well attended and held a friendly atmosphere throughout, as approximately 140 angling minded attendees exchanged concerns and ideas.

Grays Harbor Birds — Pileated Woodpecker

Those of us of a certain age are sure to look at this photo by Gregg Thompson and cannot help but think of Woody Woodpecker; the youngsters will not even know that name, as the Lantz Studios closed him down in 1972. If you are one of the youngsters, go look him up.

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Grays Harbor Birds — Hooded Merganser

This photo by Gregg Thompson clearly shows two poses of the male Hooded Merganser in courtship display, and the female checking them out. I will regretfully desist from making any human comparisons. Suffice it to say, the boys know how to strut their stuff, and they are definitely looking fine. These little ducks are easy to spot out on the water; they stand out like a neon sign against the background of water and plants.

Gear: Gloves keep you in touch with your screens

There are a lot of gloves on the market right now boasting their touchscreen compatibility, but how many of them actually keep hands warm while operating a smartphone? Combining two proprietary designs in one, Seirus’ SoundTouch HeatWave Original All Weather Glove provides both protection and functionality with a weather-resistant liner to keep you warm and special fingertips that can activate any touchscreen.