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M’s trounced by Angels, 8-1

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Perhaps words like catastrophe and disaster are a bit much in describing all that went wrong on Monday night at Angels Stadium and all that has gone awry in the last eight games.

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Grays Harbor Birds — Long-billed Curlew

This photo by Gregg Thompson is a juvenile Long-billed Curlew, and while this one was seen on the beach near the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, I had to drive all the way to Olympia to see my first one. It was hanging out on the beach near the KGY radio station on Budd Inlet, and it was an adult … don’t remember whether male or female, but I was impressed with the grace with which it moved in spite of that enormous bill. I think this is a very interesting bird and I think you will find it to be interesting too.